Aeolis encompasses the fine art of skin care by offering the perfect balance between natural ingredients, finest textures and sought-after fragrances.

We’re inspired by the legacies and pure healing remedies of our region in Greece. The Sun, the sea, the aromas, the plants, the herbs. A sensorial and natural therapy for the body, mind and soul.

Amazing textures, great skin

Aeolis formulations are conceived with local plant knowledge and more than 30 years of scientific lab based expertise. Formulations that genuinely benefit the skin while avoiding harmful additives.

Protection, rejuvenation and healthy skin achieved through a product that’s effective and safe for you with respect for the environment are the aeolis aspirations.

We say no to artificial colors, synthetic dyes, genetically modified organisms, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin wax, sls, sles, ethanolamines, mineral oil, animal by-product.

Sensations to transcend, inspire, relax and rejuvenate.

Aeolis formulations are based on an extended knowledge of Greek flora and fauna. Through scientific expertise, it analyzes their beneficial properties, utilizing their potential benefits and avoiding anything harmful.


Natural scents from the Greek flora are researched and explored in depth, producing exquisite aromas that transcend, inspire, relax and rejuvenate the spirit.