Aeolis draws inspiration from the archipelago of the Aegean Sea amongst the charm of wondrous Greek islands.

These sun drenched gems are blessed with flora where their benefits to wellbeing have been known for millennia. The most prominent is the olive tree, treasured as a valuable food source as well as a therapeutic natural remedy that’s packed with valuable nutrients for beautiful looking skin.

Inspired by the charisma of the Aegean Sea, the islands, the sun, the light, the land that nurtured philosophy, science and art. Inspirited by the sacred olive tree, the aromas, the colors, the herbs. Legacies for the body, mind and soul. Aeolis draws on the finest details to capture the essence of natural olive remedies, the bounty of timeless beauty.

Amazing textures, great skin, fantastic hair

Aeolis formulations are conceived with local plant knowledge and more than 30 years of scientific lab based expertise. Formulations that genuinely benefit the skin while avoiding harmful additives.

Protection, rejuvenation and healthy skin achieved through a product that’s effective and safe for you with respect for the environment are the aeolis aspirations.

We say no to artificial colors, synthetic dyes, genetically modified organisms, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin wax, sls, sles, ethanolamines, mineral oil, animal by-product.


We live in a region where olive trees and olive oil are simply part of our lives. An olive culture that dates back thousands of years and idolizes the tree for food, medicine and well-being. Present ‘rediscovered’ properties make it a sought after ingredient for skin care products.

Olive oil contains superior cosmetology qualities. It’s close to the skin’s natural oil in chemical structure therefore ideal as a moisturiser. It’s rich in vitamin E, A, K, polyphenols, squalene phytosterols and other valuable nutrients.

Polyphenols and phytosterols function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Hydroxytyrosol, a rare and significant polyphenol actually helps skin cells regenerate and protects against free radical damage. As we age, inflammatory processes increase in the body which cause deterioration, tissue damage and wrinkling.

Vitamin E and vitamin A act as anti-aging compounds by reducing wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity through collagen production. These antioxidants also protect against ultraviolet light and free radicals.

Olive based squalene guards the skin from external elements by forming a very thin layer on the skin. It’s a vital anti-ageing and rejuvenating compound with emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. It preserves cell moisture and shields from environmental toxins, free radicals and UV